Would you love to relax and entertain in your outdoor space?

Jules loves to create multi-function outdoor space where you can relax and entertain in the comfort of your own property. Staying home is the new going out!

Your family members and friends can enjoy a unique outdoor environment where nature gently enhances their positive feelings and health outcome.

A Healing Garden can be a great party environment as well if the plant selection, materials, furniture and privacy are carefully considered and integrated.

As an example Restorative Gardens are often designed for enhancing your mental health. Research has proven that spending time outside in the garden has been shown to positively affect a person’s emotions and improve their sense of well-being. Access to nature calms your heart beat, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and increases absorption of Vitamin D.

Jules often calls her landscape designs “The ONE glass of wine garden!

Let’s say it is Friday night, you are exhausted because you had a really bad week. You step into your garden but you need 3 glasses before starting to relax!

With Jules’ design your special outdoor space will immediately trigger your positive emotions and great memories so that you will need only ONE glass of wine to forget everything and start breathing and enjoying your fabulous weekend. Additional drinks are optional;-)

So spending money on your backyard’s landscape design with Jules is not an expense. It’s an investment in your health and it will increase your property value.

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Brilliant Landscape Designer