In 2016 Canada Blooms was celebrating their 20th Anniversary. The theme was “It’s A Party!” Our Award winning Stingray Garden was displaying an entertaining outdoor garden at its very best!

Tuuci Stingray
Tuuci Stingray Umbrella

The art of entertainment starts with a smart Garden Design to create a “sense of place” expressed through a thoughtful spatial composition. The Stingray Show Garden won the Outstanding Use Of Innovative Elements In A Garden 2016 at Canada Blooms in Toronto.



The Stingray Garden ‘s theme was about “Luxurious Entertainment Experience”. We created an intimate, private yet spacious garden for entertainment purposes. To provide an unforgettable event experience, we believed that the garden space had to stimulate human and spatial interactions.

With a distinctive, blissful and nature inspired luxury, Canada Blooms visitors felt like on vacation when experiencing The Stingray Garden. Our contemporary minimalist design gave rise to a landscape architecture that defined a fun and relaxing outdoor living space and emanated an ambient glow day or night. It was a garden for cool and groovy people who like to create their own rules and love to party! The plant material selection was based on native plants with ornamental qualities and could bring a feeling of place equilibrium. Alternatives to non-native varieties had also be considered to match foliage textures, shape and colours without forgetting the seasonality.




What was our design goals?

  1. Creating a stunning garden to captivate the imagination of a great party mood!
  2. Demonstrating design & building excellence .
    Stingray Garden Water Feature
    Stillnes Pound
  3. Building a contemporary garden where people are first and promote a refreshing sense of place where organic interactions and functionality were inspired by nature and visual elements such as modern art focal points.
  4. Building a greener environment addressing important ecological and sustainable aspects of the region.

The handcrafted drawing below is an isometric view of the Stingray Garden.


Stingray Garden Designer Julie Moore
Stingray Garden Designer Julie Moore-Cantieni


Planting Stingray Garden
Award Winner Stingray Show Garden





The Stingray Show Garden won the Outstanding Use Of Innovative Elements In A Garden 2016 at Canada Blooms in Toronto.


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Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Brilliant Landscape Designer