The Château de Versailles® Orange Tree Planters

Directly inspired from the original model created by landscape architect André Le Nôtre creator of Les Jardins Du Château de Versailles in France , this planter is made of an iron cast structure and removable solid oak panels guarantied a lifetime.

Modern Landscape Designers is the authorized Representative for Ontario and Quebec for products produced by Jardins du Roi Soleil  in France.  The amazing Château de Versailles® orange tree planter was one of the most popular features of the Midnight in Paris show garden designed  by Julie Moore-Cantieni, B.A.. This world class garden won The Tony Digiovanni Award Judges Choice Garden of the Year 2018 and The S.G. Ulbright Award Outstanding Medium Size Garden 2018.

The whole concept behind the « Château de Versailles » tree-box is that it has been adapted for the best care of trees and shrubs. It is the only tree-box that has no bottom or internal tray and therefore promotes a better growth of the plants because it provides better draining and proper ventilation of the soil.

Jardins Du Roi Soleil

It is the only planter with four opening side panels giving direct access to the mound and allowing necessary attention to the roots. This rigorous attention to horticultural qualities combined with exquisite beauty and simplicity continues to convince the greatest landscape architects and gardeners around the world. Regarding the ”Origin and Traceability” all Château de Versailles® orange tree planters are marked with a manufacturing date featured in the cast-iron and with the JARDINS DU ROI SOLEIL® logo, guarantying the product’s authenticity. Each planter has a serial number on a plate attached under the structure to allow a precise tracing of the date of manufacture and of the customer’s identity.

What is our first choice of horticultural planter?

  1. The amazing Château de Versailles® orange tree planter an artisan product by Jardins du Roi Soleil  in France
  2. Available in 8 sizes and 12 standard colors.
  3. One of the most popular size is 600 x 600mm.

If you want to make an entrance and add an authentic panache to your landscape the original Château de Versailles® orange tree planter is the only way to go! For more information about the Château de Versailles® Planters please contact us!

Versailles Planters®
Versailles Planters®

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Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Partner, Conceptual Artist and Lead Landscape Designer