Keen on artistry, craftsmanship to create contemporary landscapes that embrace a sense of space while maintaining a sense of family history and tradition.

This fabulous property located on Balsam Lake has been damaged by a tornado which destroyed the beautiful landscape a few years ago.

Probably protected by family angels the cottage was safe and no trees had fallen on it.
Family Cottage 1939

We believe pure and simple design resists the passing of time. The theme for this interesting project was Spirit of the 1930’s.

So the design elements suggested a feeling of ‘’relaxation at the family cottage’’. The concept was harmonized nature with the spirit of the 1930’. The style Arts & Crafts of landscape design gave a strong emphasis on detail and high-quality hand-craftsmanship. Plantings often included informal meadows and lawns with “old-fashioned” trees, shrubs and curvilinear perennial borders (often with an emphasis on native plants), while garden furnishings and details such as gates, walls and fences and benches might include unique combinations of hand-forged wrought iron,  rustic carpentry, ceramic tiles, and clinker brick. This new garden was about outdoor life in a gorgeous environment of family history and traditions on Balsam Lake. Techo-Bloc products like the Borealis stone was recommended on this project and all plant material are from the best Nurseries in the Kawarthas – Rockwood Forest Nurseries.

How to be contemporary and yet honour the family history in the landscape?

  1. Create interesting focal points inspired by the Arts & Crafts Landscape Movement
  2. English gardens’ style planting
  3. Enhance the luxury of space and energy flow
  4. Be practical by creating a luxurious patio close to the house and with the view on gorgeous Balsam Lake

There is so much more to this project which is in the construction planning stages. Check out the amazing wooden boat! What a collector item!


The vibes of Modern Landscape Designers is about landscape architecture and French & English gardens, heartfelt concepts and naturalistic approach. If you want a beautify and low maintenance landscape just try to mimic nature. Contact us because we know how!



Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Brilliant Landscape Designer