A modern approach for landscape design brings inspiration to its users by telling a special story and creating memories while touching the essence of the human heart…
This fabulous project was very special to us because we truly had a special connect with our clients. When great minds think alike it is always a great pleasure to work together and this experience always leads to success.
The project is under construction. Techo-Bloc has been our supplier of choice due to their awesome selection of high quality products with unique textures, colours and shapes. Our creative planting style aims at sustainable landscapes which emanate beauty and require low maintenance. For the plant materials we had the chance to work with RockWood Forest Nurseries. What a fun project!
Architecture Details

Stunning Hampton Style Architecture

The goals of this project were:
  1. Create a designed space where you can sit down , relax, entertain and be your creative self while enjoying home life to the fullest
  2. Increase the practicality of the site without compromising its beauty
  3. Build a low maintenance environment with an adaptable four season décor
The photographs show the house before the project, the conceptual plan hand-drafted and in colours and the planting style suggestion for their specific zone and environment. When the construction will be completed we will publish more picture. Modern Landscape Designers (MLD) has a core team with key experts handling all areas of landscape design and construction. All members of MLD have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs and now we collaborate together as a uniquely talented team. We are smart and creative thinkers, very talented, educated, experienced and all in our prime and we can make your landscape dream come true!  
Please make time to talk to us, we will inspire you with clever landscape solutions! Explore our Services and book your professional landscape consultation!


Julie Moore

Julie Moore

Partner, Conceptual Artist and Lead Landscape Designer

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