We are smart and creative thinkers, very talented, educated, experienced and all in our prime and we can make your landscape dream come true even in a tiniest garden space!
This was a really fun project because the clients were cool urban jet-setters with a great flair for design and sky was the limit!
The goals of this project were to create a garden where couple could sit down & relax, entertain and be their creative and visionary self while feeling grounded…
Let's dig it- MLD
Tiniest Backyard Ever!
We wanted also to eliminate most eyesore views while creating a better visual integration and smoother space with different garden rooms such as a breakfast area, lounge space with a fire pit as well as planning for a bar area which was going to be built at a later time..

Can a small space feel bigger with a the help of a great designer?

Absolutely! See the before and after pictures

Are you ready for your Landscape Make-Over?

Introductory Offer:  Starting at $639  it includes an in-home consultation & concept idea sketches delivered within our fabulous Design Inspiration Report, a 10 pages document personalized just for you. Travel fees may apply. The originality of our landscape designs celebrate who you are. Aesthetics and low maintenance solutions are priorities and become one!  
Modern Landscape Designers excel at understanding your specific needs and providing you with clever design solutions that expresses who you are and how you want to feel when you step into your garden. If you crave inspiration just for a small section of your garden, an hourly consultation might be all you need. MLD provides guidance that saves you time and money.  


Julie Moore

Julie Moore

Partner, Conceptual Artist and Lead Landscape Designer

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