The new décor stimulates the joy of warm climate with originality and simplicity.

As a landscape artist, I believe in the importance of creating from the heart, keeping the user on the forefront while considering affordability.

The thematic inspired a spirit of warm coziness and spontaneous relaxation while set up the stage for dreaming about great adventures and planning some new ones!
Stairs Installation

We wanted to open up the space to make the yard look bigger than it is and to design a practical & balanced garden with symmetrical design, smooth lines and textures.

Can you do a new landscape in a week?

  1. Absolutely! The only possible obstacle is the weather.
  2. We design clever landscape solutions can can be built rapidly and budget.
  3. Our motto is keen on artistry, craftsmanship to create contemporary landscapes that embrace a sense of space.




Porcelain Tile Hardscape

    Elegant patio made of high end porcelain tile, the hardscape is done
Evening Setting Ready For Romance



Modern Landscape Designers create low maintenance environment to give you time for “day dreaming” and to enhance your property value at the same time.


Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Partner, Conceptual Artist and Lead Landscape Designer