The importance of Sculptures In Landscape Design – Part II

Mis Dogwood by Artist Bruno Cantieni It’s important to create points of interest throughout your garden or landscape. One of the most interesting ways to create focal points is by incorporating original sculptures made by artists. A sculpture  that you love adds meaning to your garden because it brings authenticity. It creates a pleasant atmosphere and can ignite interesting discussions.

In addition when your sculpture is placed in the distance, it creates a focal point by drawing the viewer’s eye all the way through the garden. Sculptures provide four season interests and can be beautifully lite at night making the garden quite memorable.

We can help you with the selection and clever placement of sculptures within your landscape. Our sculptures are created by Bruno Cantieni .

Remember that a sculpture  is a low maintenance element meaning no fertilizing, no weeding and no watering required!;)

The Mandala by Bruno Cantieni Sculptor
Mandala and Lolipops by Bruno Cantieni Sculptor


Miss Dogwood by Bruno Cantieni Sculptor
Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Brilliant Landscape Designer