I believe that the most important consideration in designing meaningful and relevant landscapes is the “honesty and authenticity of the designer”. What I meant is that it has to come from the heart. Meaning comes from the heart. Then from the heart to the mind emanates a concept or a story if you prefer. Later in the creative process, the story becomes a philosophy or a way of thinking. At the end your landscape becomes an emotion. That is how you create meaningful and relevant landscapes…

light_-of_god268x201When I am in a beautiful and natural landscape setting, I think that the Divine is the greatest artist and that us “humans” never invented anything so magnificent like “Nature does it”… I believe that to create a link between “perceptual & associational meanings” the landscape must touch the human heart and has caress our emotions.

As an example peaceful and deserted beaches are a type of landscape settings where there is little for the mind to process. It’ is one of my favorite places where I can truly relax. All my senses get stimulated in a quiet and magical way. From a design’s perspective what is a peaceful and deserted beach? It is a “line” (horizon). It is “planes and surfaces” (ocean & sand). It is a perpetual change of “texture and colours” (again ocean, sand, sky and tall grass)… And then the sounds, movements, air and scents….

This is where my passion for Modern Landscape Design gets inspiration. Modern Landscape Design allows me to create space where I can breathe so freely like when I am on the beach… Less is more.

Julie Moore, Modern Landscape Designer

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Julie Moore-Cantieni

Partner, Conceptual Artist and Lead Landscape Designer