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Consultation at your residence is the best way to start a successful landscape design project.

Landscape Make-Over

Time to freshen-up? We’ll make it beautiful and low maintenance.

Therapeutic Gardens

Heartfelt concepts, simplicity of form, harmonious proportions and naturalistic approach.

Design Consultation

Stingray Garden Bird DaybedModern Landscape Designers (MLD) would likes to see your property, hear about your needs and ideas. MLD takes time to understand the challenges of your land and discover the essence of your personality and lifestyle. We specialized in the luxury of space and our unique approach creates a true sense of space where you could feel comfortable, happy and relaxed on your own property.

Prior to the meeting, the client is asked to gather basic information such as image samples of landscape you like, photographs of your property at different times of the year. Other important documents are the architectural plans of your house and a copy of your lot survey. It’s important to know the exact location of property lines because specific city by-laws may apply. All this information is valuable and facilitates visual communication, saves us time and saves you money.

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Travel fees may apply. Julie’s professional fee is $185 per hour.

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Landscape Make-Over – Full Service, Special Items And Planting Design

Introductory Offer:  Starting at $639  it includes an in-home consultation & concept idea sketches delivered within our fabulous Design Inspiration Report, a 10 pages document personalized just for you. Travel fees may apply. The originality of our landscape designs celebrate who you are. Aesthetics and low maintenance solutions are priorities and become one!

Beginning of constructionModern Landscape Designers excel at understanding your specific needs and providing you with clever design solutions that expresses who you are and how you want to feel when you step into your garden. If you crave inspiration just for a small section of your garden, an hourly consultation might be all you need. MLD provides guidance that saves you time and money.

When on site, our Lead Designer Julie Moore observes your space, feels its energy flow. She notices the light based on the orientation of your property and pays attention to movements of nature caused by the breeze. Ms. Moore gladly shares her knowledge and expertise with you and listens to your concerns, answers your questions and offers guidance. Julie has a wonderful appreciation for details, people, space and nature. Her drawing style always uses colours which makes it so much easier to imagine. We can help you with procurement and selection of the following: hardscape, softscape, planting list, furniture, accessories, fixtures, outdoor murals, outdoor kitchens, water features, sculptures, lighting and outdoor sound systems .

This video explains how to create a very low maintenance landscape that mimic nature and agrees with the elements. Towards the end of the video you can see the before picture and after transformation.

Landscape design gets interesting when we start with a concept or theme like a general “look & feel” for your new outdoor space. The concept phase is an important part of the process. Ideas will be presented based on the client’s needs and take the form of hand-drawn plan. Once we agree on the conceptual idea, we can create elevation, isometric sketches and a Master Plan if required.

Modern Landscape Designers represent the interests of the client as a project manager.  We are able to move the project forward start to finish. For homeowners, this stage is often the most challenging part. Base on our experience good and ethical contractors are extremely hard to find. This is why we assist the client in the selection of contractors and craftsman artists, project scheduling and supervise construction activities.

As a project manager representing your best interests, we facilitate the entire project from the beginning to the end.  We inspect quality of the work being done, solve all kind of issues that may arise, keep track of the budget and schedule. Our approach to landscape project management during construction assures that your project is built as it was designed while saving you time, money and worries.

We have an effective method of landscape project management. We work a with high performance team of experts. They can build your special landscape project with a minimum of disruption. Mother nature is the only one who can slow us down.

We offers both sophisticated-formal or relaxed-informal concept design solutions.

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Healing and Therapeutic Gardens

Modern Landscape Designers love to create entertaining environments as well as dreaming up some fascinating healing gardens where you will relax in the comfort of your own property.

Healing Garden PictureAn outdoor garden space that has been precisely designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people using the garden is a Therapeutic Garden. Patients, caregivers, family members and friends can enjoy this unique outdoor space to relax in a serene and peaceful environment where nature gently enhances their positive health outcome. Research on these specific user groups, evidence-based design and post occupancy evaluation as well as passive and active garden experiences certainly highlight positive health outcomes.

Therapeutic gardens can be built on grounds such as hospitals, assisted living residences, retirement communities, out-patient cancer centres and residential environments. Plant selection and use, equipment, materials, safety, security, and privacy are elements that must be carefully considered and integrated.

Healing Gardens & Restorative Outdoor Space:

There are different types of Therapeutic Gardens. Healing gardens are good for a variety of settings either institutional or residential locations and the same goes for the Relaxation or Meditative gardens. Restorative Garden are often designed for mental health centres. Each garden offer valuable benefits that can reduce the cost of healthcare. As an example, research has proven that it reduces the caregivers stress  and increase satisfaction and retention while reducing recruitment costs. Spending time outside in the garden has been shown to positively affect a person’s emotions and improve their sense of well-being. Access to nature balances calms your heart beat, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and increases absorption of Vitamin D. Nature has been shown to be beneficial for our overall health and well-being.

As landscape designers we truly enjoy the development process and team effort behind connecting outdoor gardens to indoor spaces and therapeutic activities.

Consulting and Evidence-Based Design:

Evidence-Based Design (EBD) is about using the best research to guide design creativity. Kirk Hamilton is the one who formalized the concept of EBD. His definition is: “Evidence-base design is a process for the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence from research and practice in making critical decisions, together with an informed client, about the design of each individual and unique project”.

Project Management and Fundraising Support:

Modern Landscape Designers works by your side as a project manager.  Based on our experience, good and ethical contractors are extremely hard to find. This is why we assist you with the selection of contractors and craftsman artists, project scheduling and supervise construction activities. Keeping the big picture in mind as well as paying attention to all details, MLD project management services bring you knowledge, experience and peace of mind. We put together a team of the best trades experts such as builders of hardscape, water features, outdoor lighting and carpentry as well as sculptor artists. We inspect the quality of the work being done, solve all kind of issues that may arise and keep track of the budget and schedule. There are many approaches to funding therapeutic gardens. Modern Landscape Designers can help you with originality and creativity to get funding for your project. We can shed light on what to fund and the timing of funding. We can inspire you to develop effective funding strategies.

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